Mechanical seal (Sil Mekanikal) B 17210 B

Mechanical seal B 17210 B

Product Description

Mechanical seal B 17210 B
Using state-of-the-art welded bellows technology, LATTYseal B 17210 provides no hang-up or shaft fretting due to the absence of any semi-dynamic O-rings. The centrifugal force and bellows profile make LATTYseal B 17210 a self-cleaning seal. Suitable for high rotation speeds. Self-cleaning mechanical seal. High rotation speeds are achievable.

U6 = Pure Silicon
V = Aluminium Oxide

Pressure (bar) 0 to 20
Temperature (°C) -20 to 220
Speed (m/s) 25
Friction Faces Pure silicon carbide (U6)
Fluids All corrosive, abrasive and slightly clogging fluids.
Material Centrigugal pumps, volumetric pumps
Approvals On request: FDA, CE 1935/2004


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